Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve, by Mary Pope Osborn: A Review

Prompt #29 on the 2018 Reading Challenge list is a book about or set on Halloween. I had a hard time finding a book I wanted to read for this, especially considering my self-imposed requirement of women authors. I eventually remembered there was a book in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborn set on Halloween. My son has become a fan of these books, and we’ve collected nearly the entire set. So I borrowed Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve from my son’s bookshelf.

This series of stories takes Jack and his younger sister, Annie, on a variety of exciting adventures around the world and throughout time. They travel via a magic tree house that comes to rest in the tallest oak in the small wood near their home in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania.

Typically, the pair are sent out on missions by the witch Morgan le Fay. This book, however, is one of the “Merlin Missions” and the two kids are sent out by the magician Merlin, one of only a few books in this series to take place in an imaginary world. Their assigned task is to restore order to a haunted castle in Camelot.

Jack is his usual hesitant but resourceful self, while Annie, true to form, is quick to run to adventure and trouble. The kids find plenty of both in this story. They also learn what it means to be brave. As well as compassionate.

The Magic Tree House series is great for young, emerging readers. I’ve enjoyed reading these books with my boys. They introduce elements of fantasy and time travel as well as historical and cultural facts from around the world.

I enjoyed this book, though it felt strange reading it for myself and not out loud with my boys. This series is recommended for readers ages 6-9 who are just beginning to read chapter books. They are fun to read and well researched. I definitely recommend this series for new readers looking for adventure around the world.