My Thoughts on the Election

The election is over, the decision has been made. Today we have a new decision to make. How will you choose to respond?

This morning I had to discipline my child for his inappropriate behavior. He was lashing out at me for a perceived injustice. I had to take away a special privilege as I tried to explain to him that each of us has the ability and the responsibility to choose our actions.

I’m not going to pretend I have any authority, or right, to reprimand anyone else for their behavior. I myself have been guilty of indulging in childish pettiness. But now, following this hotly debated and bitterly divisive election, we now have a new decision to make.

Today people are grieving. They are angry. They are frightened. Many may feel the need to lash out against a perceived injustice. It’s a natural human response to fear.

But I would ask you – us – to make a different choice. Regardless of how you feel about the election results, I urge patience instead of haste, caution where fear would take the lead, and above all respect and kindness instead of hatred.

Fear begets fear. Hatred gives birth to hatred. The only way to stop this vicious cycle is to respond in love, courage, kindness and respect. We cannot change others, only ourselves.

I didn’t write this with the intention of changing anyone’s mind. Rather I sat down to write this to change myself. To take charge of my own response to this election. There is much I am angry about. There is much I have been fearful over. Today, however, I have a new choice to make. And I choose to stand up and be brave. To show love. To honor and respect the office of the President of the United States.

Real change starts here. With me. In how I choose to respond. I choose to stand for truth. For love. For respect. For honesty. For courage.

Banish the Fear

Okay, so here it is. Yet one more new blog out there in cyber world. Why should you spend your time reading mine? I’m hoping you might find what I have to say interesting. Perhaps entertaining. Maybe even useful.

I’m a writer. And my goal for this blog is to do just that. Write.

I have been writing creatively at least since high school—a long time ago. I tried stories, poems, plays, personal essays. But even before that I can remember vivid, imaginative play with my sisters, my toys. I would play out stories in my head before going to sleep at night.

I love stories. Reading them and writing them. It’s part of who I am at the deepest level. My mother has always been an avid reader. I have also always loved reading, though I’ve never been as fast a reader as my mother, or my sisters.

Through college, I didn’t find as much time to read for the simple pleasure of reading. And my creative endeavors focused mainly on short pieces such as really bad poetry and questionable short stories. I even wrote a short story for my final paper in my Russian history class. I scored an A for the course, so I must have done okay.

Sometime after college, when life became a mere existence from one paycheck to the next, I began to write my first novel. I bought a new computer and set up a writing space. I subscribed to magazines and bought books on writing. I had all these ideas in my head and I was going to be a writer!

I played around with words. I wrote my novel. Half of it at least. Then I started to rewrite it. The novel foundered, and I have yet to finish that first one.

I got married. Started a family. My writing took a back seat. A really back, back seat.

Then, about six years ago, I was holding a tiny human in my arms and thinking about what sort of legacy I might be leaving for my son. A box full of unfinished stories. An imagination left inactive. I feared that’s what it would be. And I wasn’t okay with that.

Why then has it taken me so long to really get started with my writing? A very good question. I suppose it was fear. Insecurity. Lack of faith in myself and what I have to offer.

The lack of faith and insecurities are still there. I still don’t know that I have anything of value to offer my readers, but I’m hopeful. More than anything else I intend to write for myself. I will share what little I know about writing, what I’ve learned from my own reading and my experiences. I will share some book reviews as I can, and I do hope at some point to share my fiction.

And the fear? I’ve decided to banish the fear. It’s useless, and a waste of time. No one likes what I have to say? I’m okay with that. I will tell my truth. I will share my view of the world. I will give it my best. I won’t hold back.