Unlock the Muse – March 10, 2020

When working toward a long-term goal, one important thing is to anticipate events that will, or are likely to come up that could potentially derail your plans. For example, this past week I knew I had a significant family event to plan and prepare for. It meant giving up time usually dedicated to writing. It was necessary, and it was worth it.

Don’t stop with simply anticipating the road ahead. Work out a way to write around the coming event. Celebrating your anniversary on the weekend? Write extra words earlier in the week and enjoy your time off. Or, arrange to set aside extra time for writing the next weekend. Scale back on the writing goals in the days or weeks leading up to the big event. Just never lose sight of your overall goal.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

You are in an elevator, and it suddenly stops. Who else is there? How do you get out? Write a short story, make it as absurd as possible.

Don’t over think this one. Write the first things that come to mind. Put yourself (or your character) into an impossible situation. Arm yourself with the most inappropriate tools. Then, get yourself out. Have fun!

I leave you this week with a final thought from author Mark Helprin…

Anticipate Quote 2

Happy writing!

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