Unlock the Muse – January 21, 2020

It’s week three of our goal-setting month. I’ve made some progress, though it has been slow. Last week I challenged you to break your large goal into smaller, more manageable pieces. I did this by giving myself a task for each month of 2020 – smaller goals that will bring me closer to completing the larger one. I have an overall goal of 300,000 words which breaks down to 25,000 words per month. This is a much more manageable goal. I also assigned a specific task for each month such as character development, plot outlining and setting construction. I’ve even set aside a month for research.

Life will inevitably interfere with the best laid plans. Some things can be accounted for in advance such as family gatherings and seasonal sporting events. Other things are harder to plan for, things like illness, a broken washing machine, or even an unexpected job opportunity. My point is, make your goal plans flexible to work around life. Plan ahead where possible, but be prepared for the unexpected. And if the truly unexpected happens, it isn’t a failure to adjust your goal accordingly.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

If you were a college professor of “Life 101,” what would you teach your students?

This is your chance to instill in others the life skills you value most. Is it being prepared for the zombie apocalypse? How to achieve your 15 minutes of fame? Whatever it is, write up your syllabus and prepare your introductory lecture.

1. The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

The word goal dates back to the 1530s, of uncertain origin, meaning the “end point of a race.” It appears once before this in a poem from early 14c, with the apparent meaning of “barrier or limit.” It is perhaps from the Old English *gal, meaning “obstacle.” The use of the word in the figurative sense of the “object of an effort,” dates back to the 1540s.
(from entymonline.com)

Setting a goal for an entire year is a marathon. It won’t be achieved quickly. But keeping the goal before you – the “end point of the race” – will help make it possible to achieve. Keep working at it, and you will reach the end! Your challenge for this week is to set up for yourself measurable milestones along the way. Don’t forget to plan a reward for yourself when you achieve each milestone!

Happy writing!

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