Unlock the Muse – December 3, 2019

Welcome to December, the next month after November, and the last of 2019. Before we know it, it will be next year. We will start the next project, read the next book, finish the next task. There is always something next – next week, next word, next breath. But in all that comes next, don’t forget what is happening now. Live in the moment, and don’t let life pass by too quickly.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

Write about someone cutting in front of you in line.

You’re next in line when, wham! someone shoves their way in front of you. Are you angry? Do you want to shove back? Or do you meekly step aside and let them in?

So, you finished NaNoWriMo and you now have this 50,000 word mess on your hands. What’s next? That might depend on what condition your mess is in. If you are fortunate enough to have a fully formed draft of your novel, next might entail jumping into editor mode – though it might be advisable to let the draft set for a bit before tackling edits. If your mess looks a bit more like mine, well then, we have some work to do.

For myself, the first thing I plan to do is, well, make a plan. I have been working on this novel in fits and starts for a little bit too long, and it’s sort of all over the place. I have a tendency after November is over to go a little off the rails when it comes to writing. I decide I “deserve a break” and I essentially quit writing. So, my first step is to schedule myself some daily writing time. For now, that will be evenings after the kiddos are abed.

What’s your next step?

Happy writing!

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