Unlock the Muse – October 22, 2019

Two of my favorite things about the fall are football and National Novel Writing Month. One, I can enjoy from the sidelines as a passive participant. My son is playing in his second season of flag football this year, and has gone from scoring no touchdowns last season, to scoring at least one in three games in a row. I’m super proud of him.

The second thing – National Novel Writing Month – requires me to be a little more actively involved. This is my tenth year of participating in this event, and I hope to continue my winning streak. I don’t feel very prepared for it this year. I need to work on getting my head back in the writing game. Really, I need to get into the heads of my characters.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

Pretend that you quit your job to spend your days as someone you’ve always dreamed about being.

Alright! Here’s your chance to be whatever, or whoever, you’ve always dreamed of being! Want to be a top Wall Street exec? Small time pioneer farmer on Mars? First string violinist in your high school orchestra? Develop that alter-ego and write about your typical day.

To finish this week, here’s a roll of Rory’s Story Cubes, Voyages edition:



Happy writing!

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