Unlock the Muse – September 24, 2019

The last few weeks I’ve been looking at the continuing education of a writer. I’ve looked specifically at the merits of pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Maybe the MFA option is right for you, maybe it’s not. I haven’t yet completely decided if it’s right for me. But I have decided that further education is always the right choice, no matter what shape it takes.

One thing I have decided I can do is to take classes through my local community college. I have a degree in history, but sometimes I’d like to know more about things like astronomy, geology or maybe art. In fact, I’ll be signing up for a drawing class in the spring.

Another resource for ongoing learning that cannot be ignored is the local library. I love my local library, and I’ve mentioned before that I like to start my research on a new topic in the children’s section. Not all libraries are created equal, but most will still have useful resources. At my library, for example, they have the usual array of books – fiction, biographies, audio-books, etc – but they also have music CDs, ukuleles and even artwork available for checkout. They have a decent link with other community libraries as well, so that if a book I want isn’t available where I live, they can bring it in from a connected library.

This week, I dare you to find a class you’re interested in and sign up. If you’re really not interested in taking a college course, find a book on a subject you enjoy.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

Select a common child’s game, such as hide and seek. Write a passage that describes people participating in the game, but don’t actually name the game until the end of the exercise.

This is a great exercise in “show, don’t tell.” Describe the action, how the characters feel and so on, but don’t use telling words.

It’s the last week of September already. And that means it’s play week! Here’s a roll of the Rory’s Story Cubes to inspire more fun in your writing.


Happy writing!

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