Second Star, by J. M. Sullivan: A Review

For the 2019 Popsugar Reading Challenge prompt #15, a retelling of a classic, I chose to read Second Star, by J. M. Sullivan. I first encountered J. M. Sullivan on Twitter when she was getting ready to release her first book, Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles. The retelling prompt this year coincided nicely with the release of her second book – her sci-fi rendition of the classic Peter Pan story.

In this book, Wendy Darling is a new recruit in the Londonierre Brigade. The first part of the book focuses on Darling’s training and rapid rise through the ranks. An exceptional candidate, she has been recruited earlier than most. As a result, she isn’t well liked by her peers. Darling is soon befriended by two other recruits who, like her, are a little on the outside of the popular crowd. These three quickly become inseparable.

Meanwhile, a certain Captain James Hooke has been marooned on an alien planet along with his crew, which includes ship’s mechanic, Peter Pan. This planet has odd time flow issues, and it turns out a distress call from the planet is finally intercepted by the Brigade a hundred years later. Wendy Darling, now ready to graduate from the academy, is assigned a ship and a crew and given the assignment to locate and rescue Hooke and his crew.

What ensues is a wildly fun look at this classic story through a sci-fi lens. Sullivan has wonderfully re-imagined this story in unexpected ways, complete with a tiny AI version of Tinkerbell. I loved this book! I look forward to more by J. M. Sullivan.

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