Unlock the Muse – June 25, 2019

Here it is, the last week of June already. Summer is flying by. Before we know it, it will be time to start making back-to-school plans. But let’s not rush into things too fast.

Have you made any headway on organizing your writing life this month? So far we’ve tackled the writing space, a summer calendar and a character Rolodex. Now it’s time for what could be the biggest organizational challenge of the month.

There is often nothing at all organized about creativity. It can be flighty and chaotic. And, if you’re anything like me, this chaos manifests in scribbled notes, random research and bits of ideas scattered across various documents and forms. For example, I keep a notebook handy at all times to capture that random thought whenever or wherever it might strike. This results in a mess of handwritten notes that aren’t even in any sort of order.

Your challenge this week, therefore, is to work on bringing those various notes and ideas into a single place. Create a notes document for each project and enter your handwritten notes. Create a spreadsheet if that helps you track what you’re working on. This is a big project, and could take a bit of time. It’s worth it, though, if it allows you quicker access to the work you’ve already done.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

Start a novel today. Write page one of the novel you have always wanted to write.

There’s nothing for it, but to start writing. Whether you’ve been waiting to be ready, to finish your research, or for your desk space to be clear, wait no longer. Just. Start. Writing.

Since we can’t be all work and no play, here’s a roll of the Rory’s Story Cubes to help inspire more creativity…


Happy writing!

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