Unlock the Muse – April 9, 2019

This morning on my way to work I ran into a frequent, if unpredictable traffic problem. There is an intersection that for some inexplicable reason will back up, slowing traffic down for several minutes. I don’t live in a high traffic city, so compared to some people’s commute, this is nothing. But my point is this, there is no consistency in the traffic patterns even though I use the same route at the same time every day. If traffic was consistent, I could anticipate and prepare for it accordingly.

This is what consistency in writing will do as well. With a consistent writing habit comes the ability to anticipate and prepare for writing. It gives your brain the chance to work silently in the background. You can then come to your writing session every day prepared and therefore more productive.

Here’s your new writing prompt for this week:

Read a new or old book and critique it.

Critiquing the work of other writers, especially those who do it well, is a good way to learn how to improve your own writing. Reread a favorite book. Choose a classic. Or a book by a popular author. Take note of what you like as a reader and what you don’t. What makes this book work?

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Consistent Quote 1

Happy writing!

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