Unlock the Muse – January 22, 2019

It’s been one of those days – okay, months – where I struggle to find the energy and will to write. Writing consistently has become a battle. It could be related to stress at work, or busyness at home with the family. The desire to write is there, buried rather deeply at the moment, but I can’t quite seem to summon the motivation to actually do the work.

And writing is work. It’s not simply a creative whim to be indulged when the mood strikes. Although, I suppose it could be that for some. But for the professional writer, sometimes motivation must be manufactured. Don’t wait to be “in the mood” for writing. Write yourself into it.

Here’s your writing prompt for this week:

Write a scene in a short story or poem using variations of one color to create a specific mood. For example, using the words “blue,” “periwinkle,” “aqua,” and “sky,” create a cool, clean feeling.

What mood are you trying to set in your novel, story or poem? What color best suits that mood? Or, think about how certain colors make you feel. Now, recreate that in your scene.

It’s week four and so it is time to play. Here is a roll of the dice to help you write yourself into the mood! Use one, or use them all to get started. Add some color for fun!


Happy writing!


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