Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey: A Review

For a book with an animal in the title – prompt #26 on the 2018 Reading Challenge – I chose to read Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffrey. I have been a fan of fantasy fiction for a really long time, yet somehow I’ve never read a book by Anne McCaffrey. I decided it was beyond time I read the work of this master of the genre.

In Dragonflight, McCaffrey first introduced readers to the world of Pern. A world where dragons are real and magical occurrences are possible. It’s the story of Lessa, the disenfranchised heir of her mountain realm. She has worked against the usurpers for years and when dragon riders arrive at her home, she sees an opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully hers. It turns out, however, that Lessa is destined for far more than ruling over a single region. She is chosen by the dragon riders for the chance to become a dragon rider herself – to ride a queen.

In this book, the dragon riders of Pern are in crisis. All but one of the dragon weyrs have been empty for centuries and the numbers within the remaining one are dwindling. It falls to Lessa and F’lar, the weyrleader, find a way to save Pern.

First published in 1968, the relationships between men and women and the roles each play in their society feels antiquated, and more than a little skewed toward male dominance. Despite her seemingly important role as rider of the queen dragon, a weyrwoman’s role in the every day functions of the weyr is limited to looking after the weyrleader, who is always a man. In fact, except for the rare queen, all dragon riders are male.

Despite all that, I enjoyed the book. I love McCaffrey’s creative mix of fantasy and science fiction elements. I’m looking forward to finishing the series.

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