Unlock the Muse – January 8, 2019

This morning as I drove to work, the sunrise lit the sky with gorgeous pink and yellow light. A smattering of winter-darkened clouds crossed the pale blue backdrop. It was a beautiful morning, refreshing after a weekend of rain and high winds. 

Like the weather, your writing will have seasons of storms and volatility followed by calm and colorful sunrises. Our goal as writers should be to learn how to flow through these seasons and make the most of the unique opportunities each one presents.

This week’s writing prompt is:

Why do you think writing can be so difficult? Try to articulate the complexity that make the process of writing a hard one.

Writing is difficult sometimes. Whether it’s finding the time, the will or the words, sometimes the struggle is real. Write about this struggle in a journal entry, or a letter to a favorite relative. Don’t allow yourself to get whiny (or maybe just a little bit), but try to seriously examine the reasons behind the struggle. Now, turn your musings into a poem, an essay or a short story.

Just a little reminder…

refresh quote

Happy writing!

What are your greatest writing struggles? How do you refresh your muse?


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