The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan: A Review

I have had The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan on my bookshelf for a long time. I think I picked it up at a random second hand book sale somewhere. I knew it only by its reputation, and I wanted to see for myself what it was all about. When I set about putting together my list of books for 2018, knowing I wanted to focus on women authors, I determined to find a place for this book. I did that in the prompt “a best seller from the year you graduated high school.”

I really enjoyed this book. More than I thought I would, even. It’s a fascinating look into a culture I know very little about. It’s a beautiful picture of the relationship between mothers and daughters. I find it interesting how this often turbulent relationship is drawn so sharply into focus or conflict when shown against the backdrop of immigrant families. The generational differences are so much sharper than those who come from the same cultural background. Here, the American born daughters have the added conflict of a dual nature, dual culture. It’s a part of the immigrant experience I hadn’t considered before.

Tan weaves together eight lives – four pairs of mothers and daughters – into a single story that crosses generations and borders. It is written so beautifully. And I love how she frames the story with the viewpoint of the one daughter who has lost her mother. It is a very touching story of families, love and the wisdom we too often fail to see.

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