Wings of Wrath, by C. S. Friedman: A Review

I chose to read Wings of Wrath, by C. S. Friedman for the 2018 Reading Challenge #22, a book with alliteration in the title. When I set about choosing the books I would read this year, my first goal was to find books from my already overflowing shelves. Secondly, I wanted to read more women authors. This book was the only one on my shelves that met the criteria. Of course, it is the second book in a trilogy, so naturally, I had to read the first one too.

I loved the first book, The Feast of Souls. The characters are fabulously flawed and terrible. I wanted to read about them even when I didn’t really like them all that well. Furthermore, there was a deep sense of urgency about the first book that was very compelling. The second one, however, lacked this same urgency, and I didn’t have the same love for the characters. Still, it’s a good book, and it moves the overall story forward. I enjoyed it, and I look forward to reading the conclusion of the trilogy.

Wings of Wrath continues where the first book leaves off, deepening the sense of impending doom. The magic Friedman has conjured in this series is sort of terrifying. In one sense, as I began reading, I wanted to hate these books. The world is brutal and cruel. But at the same time, it is so beautifully rendered, I couldn’t hate it.

As for whether or not I would recommend this book, I would say yes, but with caution. This is no lighthearted, feel good fantasy. It is dark and terrible. But the writing is flawless.

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