NaNoWriMo Week One: Mascots, Spills and Birthday Parties

I don’t typically write with a mascot – totem, buddy, muse, whatever you might choose to call it – but this year for my birthday I was given this adorable pup whom I have dubbed Oakland. When November 1st rolled around, I decided he would make the perfect writing friend. Therefore I have chosen to take Oakland along with me on all my NaNo-ing adventures this month.


Since November begins on a Thursday this year, week one is a short adventure. But it hasn’t been a boring one.

Our adventure began early as I opted to begin NaNoWriMo at midnight. My hope was to log in a good chunk of words before the day even began, but alas, I was simply too tired, and only managed a half hour of writing after midnight. Oakland was a real trooper and stayed awake with me the entire time.

Later, Oakland went to work with me, tucked into my purse along side my notebook and current paperback. He’s large enough that he doesn’t fit discretely into a pocket, so yes, I’m carrying around a stuffed dog for all the world to see. I decided I didn’t care. I’m writing a novel, and I can be a little eccentric about it if I like.

We tackled our lunch time writing session from a local burger place. These sessions are always end way too soon, and often right when I’m finding my writing stride. So far, Oakland and I are struggling with where to take this story. But I’m confident we’ll be able to pull this off. We just need to find our groove.

Back at home, Oakland and I are writing around the family. Life among three rowdy boys can be tough for a cute canine like Oakland. After dinner, the middle son snatched up Oakland and dashed off with him for a bit before I could reclaim him. Then, the oldest son tossed a jack-o-lantern pillow across the room, knocking Oakland to the floor along with the contents of a glass of soda. So Oakland ended the first day of his very first NaNoWriMo with a bath. And only 500 words.


Finally, Oakland and I finished off our first week of November with a birthday party. Life doesn’t stop moving forward even for NaNoWriMo, and some things, like birthdays, just can’t be put off. So we celebrated. And wrote very little. This could be my worst NaNo start ever, finishing the week at only 1,100 words.


Oakland and I are looking forward to a new week filled with great accomplishments. And it begins tomorrow with our first regional NaNo write-in at the local library.