NaNoWriMo Week Four: Family, Feasting and Crazy Impossible Things

I have continued to be so far behind on my word count, so I set myself a goal to write 4,000 words on Sunday to open week four of NaNo 2018. It was our local NaNoWriMo write-in day, and at the three hour long write-in, I managed to write 2,400 words, leaving me with 1,600 left to write. With Sunday Night Football going on when I got home again, and children clamoring to be fed, I didn’t get to write much more until the kiddos were off to bed. In the end, I managed 3,000 words for the day. Not quite what I’d hoped for, but not a bad total after all.

Despite my dismal word count, I allowed myself to attend my book club meeting this week. Ours is not a traditional book club. We don’t select a single book to read and discuss it all together. No. Instead, we all read whatever we want then come together and talk about our favorites. Our group is called the Dragon’s Hoard Book Club, and our focus is fantasy and science fiction books, but we read pretty much anything. This week, I met some new members. And it turns out, one of them is a fellow Wrimo!


Who doesn’t love a huge feast? But I’d venture to guess, fewer of us enjoy the hours of prep and the mountains of clean-up that go along with the feast. My family has chosen the last several years to gather at a local church that has a large enough facility to accommodate our extended family. We each prepare some part of the traditional American Thanksgiving Day meal and bring it to share. My assignment this year was to prepare a green bean casserole and a cheesecake. I think Oakland enjoyed the dessert making process, but it made for a very late night with little writing accomplished.


The first year I participated in National Novel Writing Month, way back in 2010, I ran across a forum thread on the NaNo site labeled “10k Black Friday Challenge.” I thought then, and I still do, that this is a crazy, impossible idea. I loved it! Of course, I had to work on Black Friday back then, so writing time was minimal. I failed quite spectacularly in reaching 10k words. In all the years since, I have endeavored to do this crazy, impossible thing. I have managed it only once. This year, I desperately needed the 10k (actually, I was aiming for 12k), but managed the slightly less impressive total of 8,300 words written in a single day.


Oakland and I finished the week with a trip to Shari’s with my sister to celebrate her birthday and get in a few words over pie and coffee. Saturday was my semi-monthly writer’s group meeting. I ended up being the only one there this week, but with a cup of coffee and my laptop, I got in a couple thousand more words! I’m ready to finish NaNoWriMo 2018 with a win! This was my wordiest week yet this November, and I ended it just shy of 40,000!!!


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