Unlock the Muse – July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day, America! It’s a day for barbeques, water games and lots of family activities. It’s also a day for celebrating freedom and liberty. Today, we’ll make it a day for celebrating freedom in our writing.

Today’s writing prompt fits well in the barbeque theme for the day:

Create a short story that takes place inside a refrigerator. The main character’s name is Ketchup. Who will be the antagonist?

When I asked my 5-year old if Ketchup is the good guy, who’s the bad guy? He said Milk. Ketchup vs. Milk: An Independence Day Adventure!

Have fun and be creative!

In honor of Camp NaNoWriMo going on this month, I’ll share some wisdom from Chris Baty’s book, No Plot? No Problem! Baty is the founder of National Novel Writing Month, a wild adventure that began as a fun challenge among friends and has grown into an international phenomenon.

During a month long novel writing challenge, each week presents its own obstacles. For week one, Baty talks about banishing the “Inner Editor” until the end of the month. He says:

The fear of doing something imperfectly turns what should be fun, creative endeavors into worrisome tasks. With the Inner Editor on board, completing any extracurricular activity you haven’t already mastered is like trying to ride a bicycle uphill while towing a rhinoceros in a wagon behind you.

This month we lose the rhino.

The question of the month for July is: How have you found freedom in your writing?

Happy writing!

Please consider sharing your response to the writing exercise. Got a question? Just ask!

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