Sightwitch, by Susan Dennard: A Review

My choice for a book published in 2018 on the 2018 Reading Challenge list was among the easiest of all the categories. Two years ago, Truthwitch was released. I found that book via Twitter and knew I wanted to read it and it joined my 2016 reading list. In 2017, Windwitch was released and I read that one too. Therefore, knowing Sightwitch was due to be released in 2018, I knew I would read it anyway, list or no list.

Though Sightwitch wasn’t the Witchlands book I was hoping to read this year – super excited for Bloodwitch! – I didn’t hesitate to pick this one up as soon as I could.

Sightwitch is written as an illustrated journal that tells the story of Ryber Fortiza. In it she relays her story of how she became the last Sightwitch. Interspersed with Ryber’s journal entries are the writings of another Sightwitch who lived long before Ryber’s time. It includes drawings, maps and passages out of other books, all that help bring Ryber’s story to it’s conclusion.

This is a short, but powerful interlude in the Witchlands series. It gives more background into the magic that exists in the Witchlands, and my understanding is, it sets up at least part of what is to come in the next book.

I wasn’t sure how I’d like the unusual format. For the first part of the book, at least, it was a little difficult to follow what was happening. But it is woven together very well, and I was easily drawn into the narrative.

It was a quick read that I enjoyed very much. Though I am still anxiously waiting for Bloodwitch to be released.

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