Havemercy, by Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett: A Review

Havemercy, by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett joined my 2018 Reading Challenge as #18 – a book by two authors.

I think this is a book I picked up at a random used book sale some time back. I know it’s been on my shelves for quite a while. When I first planned to pursue a new reading challenge this year, my first goal was to read more of what was already on my shelves. With my goal to read books by women authors, it turns out this was the only book on my shelves that met the prompt requirement. Given that I’ve declared this to be the Year of the Woman, it’s a bonus that both authors are women!

This book surprised me. It isn’t the story I was expecting at all. A metal dragon graces the cover, and the blurb reads as follows:

This stunning epic fantasy debut introduces two exciting new authors – and a world brimming with natural and man-made wonders, extraordinary events, and a crisis that will test the mettle of men, the boundaries of magic, and the heart and soul of a kingdom.

It sounds like an epic adventure, an exciting, wild ride. I’m sure that’s what prompted me to pick it up in the first place. I mean, who doesn’t love dragons?

Havemercy isn’t that story. Instead, it tells the story of four men. Most of the book explores the relationships between these men—Royston and Hal, Rook and Thom. The book is told from the first person perspective of each of these four men. The plot itself unfolds so slowly, if you pause while reading, you might get the idea there is nothing happening.

Don’t get me wrong, by the end of the book the action has definitely reached a fever pitch. Jones and Bennett pulled me in so completely with characters I couldn’t help but care about. The story is woven so subtly around these four characters, I was simply drawn along for the ride.

This was a beautiful book. Unexpected, to be sure. But I truly enjoyed it.

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