Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge – August 16, 2017

Welcome to the Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge! Join me in finding inspiration in unexpected places. Each week I post a new prompt intended to spark ideas for whatever writing project you’re working on—a journal entry, a poem, a short story. The possibilities are endless!

If you wish, consider sharing a link to your response in the comments below. There are a few simple rules, so please check them out below before posting. This week’s prompt might be a little out of season again, but it’s never the wrong time to give a thoughtful gift.

If you are still fretting about gifts, instead of rushing out and buying the hurried present, try this option. On nice paper write down what you wish you could give each person, and a little description why. Choose things they really need or would want vs. material things, i.e., good health, a publishing contract, a baby girl, one more day with Grandpa before he passed away.

Thanks for playing along! Happy writing!

Rules for posting to Wednesday Writing Challenge:

  1. Must be family friendly.
  2. Hate and intolerance will not be accepted.
  3. No pornography, erotica, graphic violence or excessive profanity.

Have fun. Be creative. And let’s write more words!

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