Ideas, Road Construction & My Tuesday Commute

The Wednesday writing prompt challenge for this week was

Put your character in a situation you were in yesterday.

This prompt once again had me at loss. Put my characters into a situation I was in yesterday? My typical “yesterdays” aren’t all that exciting. However, when I started this weekly exercise, I made up my mind to take these prompts seriously, so I sat down to think about what I did “yesterday.”

It was a Tuesday. I went to work. My typical commute takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on traffic. I like to use the time to think about the novel I’m working on, the day ahead or whatever comes to mind. It’s a great opportunity to do some brainstorming. Though not always especially productive as I can’t write down my ideas while I’m driving.

Right now, there is road repair work going on along my usual commute, so I’ve been obliged to find an alternate route. The new route is taking the interstate through town. I don’t like driving on the freeway. I find it very stressful for me. As a result, I have less time to ponder the issues facing my fictional world while I drive.

Most of my novels don’t take place in a modern type setting with daily commutes and traffic issues. And in the ones that do, the characters are too young to drive, though they’d likely have a usual route to school.

Though I thought hard on it, I really began to suspect I would have no answer to this week’s prompt. But I got back to work on my novel anyway. It is Camp NaNoWriMo month, after all. And it turned out, I could put a road block in my novel after all. One of my characters must make a grand entrance into a major city, but the roadway is blocked by some sort of traffic mishap.

So, once again, my subconscious mind manages to make the seemingly random leap from writing prompt to novel progress. The writing prompt is what you make of it. It’s purpose is only to get the ideas flowing and words on the page.

Did you take the dare?

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