The Hidden Box

When I randomly selected this prompt for the Wednesday Writing Prompt Challenge for this week, I knew at once what I would write about.

One of your characters keeps something in a box, buried where no one will ever find it. What is it, and what’s the significance of that object?

It brought to mind a scene in my current work in progress that is actually deep backstory. I realized in that moment how I could bring that scene full circle and close that line of thought at the end of the novel.

I started imagining the scene right away, and wrote it down the next day. It isn’t long, around 1,000 words. But it is a significant moment for my character.

The scene involves a box, hidden years ago by the character. A box containing childhood treasures such as a blue jay feather, a cracked snail shell and a pretty red stone. A box hidden away for safe keeping and all but forgotten for many years.

I can’t share the scene with you, however. Not yet. It’s too vital to the novel.

Is there a secret box in whatever you’re working on?

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