I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore: A Review

Book #7 on my 2017 Reading Challenge, a book with a number in the title, I Am Number Four, by Pittacus Lore was a fun read if not quite as satisfying as I had hoped. This book is also part of my core “rainbow list” and I’d been looking forward to reading it for some time.

The premise of the story is catchy and intriguing:

Nine of us came. We live among you. Three are dead. I am number Four. I am next.

This book tells the story of a boy, calling himself John Smith. He’s one of nine others who came to Earth from another world and have been hiding here for the past several years. They are being hunted by another race of aliens, the ones who destroyed their home planet.

I Am Number Four opens as John (then called Daniel) and his adult “protector” are compelled to pull up and move again, something that has happened already many times since they arrived on Earth. They end up moving to the small town of Paradise, Ohio.

John makes friends here – and enemies – and doesn’t want to move again. But things begin to happen that makes this almost a certainty.

Overall, I liked this book. The action scenes are great. The suspense and the crisp writing style move the story along at a fantastic pace. My one big complaint is John’s poor decision making. He behaves badly and makes stupid decisions for selfish reasons. And while I understand why he feels the way he does, his responses felt excessive.

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