Necromancer Falling, by Nat Russo: A Review

Necromancer Falling, by Nat Russo joined my 2017 Reading Challenge list as #24, a self-published book. It also falls very neatly into my “Year of the Series” theme as book two of the Mukhtaar Chronicles.

Reading this book is a direct result of well done social media advertising. I don’t remember precisely how I first encountered Nat Russo on Twitter, but I found his tweets interesting and began following him. He also has a blog that I have enjoyed reading.

I’d seen ads for his book Necromancer Awakening (book one of the Mukhtaar Chronicles) for some time, but I didn’t pick it up right away. And in all honesty, I picked it up during a free promotion when book two, Necromancer Falling, was released. I don’t regret acquiring the first book, and I enjoyed it so much that I bought the second book.

Necromancer Falling picks up where the first book left off. More or less. (There’s some spoilery type things involved here, I won’t ruin for you should you decide to read the book!) The scope of the story has broadened to include more characters that weren’t in the first book. More is revealed about what is really going on. And Russo takes the reader on a wild ride across his imagined world.

It opens with the main character, Nicolas Murray, returning to the world of Erindor, this time with his girlfriend, Kaitlyn. I was a little annoyed at first that Nicolas regressed to his former state of completely freaked out by circumstances. Freaked out to the point of refusing to listen to anything those around him are trying to say. Thankfully, this phase doesn’t last terribly long.

Russo’s style is engaging, and his ideas on magic are unique and interesting. The story moves at a great pace, drawing the reader on through the perspectives of not only Nicolas, but of Mujahid (Nicolas’s first teacher in necromancy) and Aelron, a character new to this book. A huge army is poised to invade, and it is up to Nicolas to find a solution.

The invasion may not be all that is threatening the realm, as there is a deeper malevolence at work. But will Nicolas and the others find this out in time?

I’m not sure I like the way this book ended. I knew going in, it is book two of a trilogy, and that it wasn’t the end of the story. Even still, it ended with nothing resolved, with everything still in question. Necromancer Falling includes some twists and turns I wasn’t expecting, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story is resolved in the next book.

Nat Russo is among the first authors I’ve picked up since venturing into the realm of ebooks and indie authors. I can honestly say I’ve not been disappointed.

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