Apology & Redemption

Back in January I wrote this about my 2016 Reading Challenge. I listed twelve books chosen based on themes proposed by modernmrsdarcy.com. Since then, I’ve read and reviewed only five of the books on that list. Now, here it is already August, leaving me only five months to read the remaining seven.

In April and July I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, making writing a priority over reading, and, well, nearly everything. Therefore, during those months if I read at all, it was minimal, and I did not complete a single book. I also failed to post a single book review during those two months as well.

Here, I offer this apology for not reading as much as I should have. And for not posting reviews of what I have read. I’d also like to make this the beginning of a new challenge to myself for the month of August, and perhaps in doing so, redeem myself for my lack.

Instead of a writing challenge, I assign myself a reading challenge. I normally don’t read more than one book at a time, but somehow I managed to crack open multiple books over the past several weeks. Therefore, I will work on completing these books first, and then, if I have enough time, I will move on to more.

Here then, is my list:

1. Moon of Three Rings, by Andre Norton – I borrowed this book from another member of my book club, The Dragon’s Hoard. This club consists of about seven, or so, of my coworkers who all enjoy reading the same sort of books that I typically enjoy – fantasy and science fiction. Because of my nearly toppling to-be-read pile, I’ve balked at borrowing books from other members so that I don’t end up keeping them for too long. One member has been particularly vocal about Andre Norton, and as she appears on another of my “must read” lists, I finally gave in and accepted this book on her recommendation.

2. Anne Frank: the Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank – This book is number seven on my 2016 Reading Challenge list, but I got a little out of order when I wasn’t able to get my hands on number six, Classified Woman, when I was ready for it. So, on a trip to the local library to get some summer reading material for my children, I went ahead and checked out this book and began reading it.

3. D is for Deadbeat, by Sue Grafton – I have an embarrassingly large stack of books I borrowed some time ago from a community bookshelf at my place of employment. I have grand intentions of reading these books and returning them. This one happened to be on top when I became overwhelmed guilt over how long I’ve kept these books, and so, I started reading it.

4. Fiction Writer’s Workshop, by Josip Novakovich – This book should perhaps be at the top of the list as I started reading it longer ago than any of the others. I was reading this book chapter by chapter and using the writing exercises at the end of each as writing prompts that I shared with my local writers’ group. I was having fun with this, but somehow got distracted and haven’t been back to it in some time.

5. Writers of the Future Volume XXIX, ed. by Dave Wolverton – When I decided I was going to try writing short stories for my July Camp NaNoWriMo project this year, I thought maybe I should read a few short stories by other writers to get a better feel for the genre. This book has been on my bookshelf for I don’t know how long. I picked it up but managed to read only one story.

6. Necromancer Awakening, by Nat Russo – I’ve only recently ventured into the ebook world. This is only my third. I’d been considering this book for a little while, when the sequel was released earlier this year. Since I can’t read book two before reading book one, I had to get this one first. Since it’s on my mobile device, I can read it in the grocery line, or wherever else I happen to be.

7. Anna Karenina, by Leo Tolstoy – This one is an audiobook I decided to download one night when I was busy making a cheesecake for yet another work pot luck. Since I can’t read, write, or do much of anything else while my hands are busy with baking, this seemed a perfectly logical way to make better use of my time. And so far, I’m loving it!

There it is, my hope of redemption for my reading failure so far this year. I am notoriously over-ambitious, and a slow reader. I will count myself successful to finally close even a few of these open-ended projects.

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