The Rise of Eldor, and Other Stories: Introducing my July 2016 Camp NaNoWriMo Project

This July will be my eighth Camp NaNoWriMo adventure. I’ve worked on a number of different projects during Camp NaNo from novels to picture books. This time around I plan to work on a series of short stories set in the world of my current novel in progress. Since I’ll be writing too fast and furiously to adequately edit any of the stories for publication during the event, I thought it would be fun to ask you, my readers, to choose one story to be posted here on the blog once the July challenge is over.

That said, below are summaries for five of the stories I intend to pursue during July. These stories are the Legends and Histories of my novel world. If you find any of them intriguing, please let me know in the comments below. The story receiving the most interest, I’ll publish in full here later this summer.

1. The Rise of Eldor

During a time of unrest for the Empaths, whispers of an elder deep in the mountains above Bangor City lead four young Empaths on a quest to find him, to find an answer to who they are and what their role in the world should be. One among them may not be who they say they are, however. Can they reveal the traitor and reach the old man in time, or will the destiny of the Empaths be forever turned along a darker path?

2. A New Name

Captured on the battlefield and sold into slavery, Dalgren of Bangor must now prove himself in the gladiator arena. If he survives the training round, he’ll earn a new name from his benefactor. He isn’t the only new recruit hoping to earn a name, however, as Dalgren finds himself pitted against some of the toughest foes on the island.

3. Dyfedd’s Dagger

Prince Ashari of the fledgling kingdom of Dyfedd has been pledged in marriage to the Princess of Bangor with the hopes that this union will bring peace between the two nations. But treachery is afoot and Queen Cleo of Bangor is poisoned. Can Ashari prove his innocence and win the heart of the woman he loves?

4. The Plains Wars

There is a place near the edge of the plains, where the mountains begin to crumble toward the sea, a high plateau surrounded by mystery. When this holy site is violated by villagers from eastern Bangor, the plains people have no choice but to respond. Now it falls to Clemen, Lord Regent of Bangor to find a peaceful resolution or plunge three nations into war with the people of the plains.

5. Adventures of Andreú and Marcel

Andreú and Marcel are Empaths of legend in the realms of Bangor, Dyfedd and beyond. Feared by the Jut’ma of the northern wastelands, revered as gods by the islanders of Bisbaine, and even spoken of in awed whispers by the Arikkaans, the stories of Andreú and Marcel are far reaching indeed. They are credited for the rise and fall of empires, for the creation of mountains and rivers and the birth of the islands. But not many know – or remember – their exploits were all for the love a woman.


There you have it. A sampling of what I’m working on. Did any of the stories catch your interest? Your comments and feedback are welcome! Please choose your favorite and I’ll share the one voted the most interesting in full later this summer. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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