2016 Reading Challenge, and poetry by Nick Cannon

I haven’t posted a new book review for several weeks. In fact, it may seem I have completely dropped out of the 2016 Reading Challenge that I began at the start of this year. This would be because I have not had time to do much reading. I started reading The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss at the very end of March, barely managing to crack open the 700+ page tome. Then in April, I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo, and had to set aside most of my reading in favor of more writing time.

Reading with my children, however, is one priority I will not set aside for much of anything and on a recent foray to the local library we brought home Neon Aliens Ate My Homework, And Other Poems, by Nick Cannon. The method my children use to select the books that we borrow is to simply pull them randomly from the shelves and stuff them into our library bag until the bag is fairly bursting. Cannon’s book was one such random grab, made by my middle son who was attracted by the green cover.

I don’t have a great deal of experience with poetry, usually finding it difficult to relate to. That said, I enjoyed this book, and will attempt to do it justice in a review. The poems in this collection are full of humor, fun and general ickiness (stinky feet anyone?). While I can’t say that I liked all of them, they were a great deal of fun to read aloud, and I enjoyed sharing this book with my boys.

The poems range in style, though most employ some sort of cadence and rhyme. The themes vary as well, from the whimsical “Animal Advice”, to the silly “The Baby Squisher” and “Hot Sauce on my Popcorn”, to the downright gross “Boogers” and “Farts or Burps”. Many more of the poems are tributes to Cannon’s family or to others he admires such as “Super Mom,” “Grandpa Esau” and “School of Hip Hop”.

Over all, the poems in this collection have a positive and uplifting message. Some of my personal favorites include the title poem, “Neon Aliens Ate My Homework,” “Dinosaur 3000,” “Weird Concrete!” and “The Wordsmith”.

Besides writing poetry, Nick Cannon is a film star, comedian, TV and radio host, musician, writer, director and philanthropist. This book also has an entire arsenal of artists (Michael Farhat, Fawn Arthur, Kristian Douglas, MAST, Mike P, Jack Fish and Andrea von Bujdoss) whose artwork brilliantly compliments Cannon’s poetry.

For a completely random grab, this turned out to be a rather enjoyable read, one I would heartily recommend.

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