The Silver Compass Adventures: An Introduction, Part Two

My work on the Silver Compass Adventures continues. The boys are in the middle of a wild ride across the Atlantic in the Curse of the Anne Venture. A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to Mike Triplett. Today, I’d like you to meet Thomas “Tommy” Cooper.

Tommy is eleven years old. He’s lived with his grandparents since he was two. His mom is currently back in a drug treatment program and he doesn’t really know his dad (though, that may be about to change). Aside from being old, his grandparents are sort of cool. Sometimes. Grandpa Cooper has been teaching Tommy to find his way around a mechanic’s shop. He works hard, and expects Tommy to do the same. Money might be tight around the Cooper home, but with a steady paper route and a handful of regular lawn mowing jobs, Tommy can usually do most of the things he likes to do.

Life in a small community is sometimes dull for Tommy, considered a troublemaker by some folks. But mostly, he’s a good kid. He’s not afraid to speak his mind, even if it gets him in trouble. He treats authority figures with respect as long as he believes they deserve it. Which is why he has a really hard time with his mom.

Tommy has a soft spot for animals. He’s not allowed to have a pet at home, his grandpa is allergic and they just cost too much. Still, this hasn’t kept Tommy from trying to bring home the occasional stray.

Mike Triplett has been Tommy’s best friend for as long as he can remember. They learned how to walk together, started school together. They ride bikes and skateboards together. Then, when they were in the second grade, Elijah moved to town, and Mike and Elijah hit it off real fast. Afraid he was losing his best friend, Tommy couldn’t bring himself to like Elijah much. Until Tommy found out Elijah has an older brother in the Marines, and he has an awesome video game collection! Tommy decided the kid was okay after all.

Tommy played Little League with Mike for a year, but doesn’t love the game like his friend. He’s played football, soccer, basketball. He started to learn the guitar. Tommy hasn’t quite figured out yet what his passion is.

One thing is for certain, Tommy does love to have fun. He’s a bit of a thrill seeker, an adventurer. And just when it’s shaping up to be a rather boring summer, Mike is given a special compass that once belonged to his granddad, a really old compass. And it turns out, the compass can transport them through time.

Just imagine the possibilities of the Silver Compass Adventures!

Photo credit: Katie Aguilera

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